Youth Association AIESEC Discussion Paper

Last week, we focused on international cooperation among governments in the form of international treaties. This week, we focus on international cooperation among individuals and organizations in the form of International nongovernmental organizations (INGOs). INGOs are nonprofit associations of individuals or organizations from more than one country that promote goals of peace and development. The objective of this week’s assignment is to understand INGOs as carriers of globalization.

Select one international nongovernmental organization (choose any one you’d like; if you need ideas, look at (Links to an external site.) ). Describe its mission and geographical scope. What does the INGO do to facilitate international cooperation?

Research one specific project the INGO is doing in one specific country (you can probably find one by looking at the INGO’s website or by scanning news sources). What are the objectives of the project, and how does the INGO partner with locals in order to implement them?

Summarize one criticism of your INGO (Google “criticizes my INGO”). What is the nature of the criticism? Does it have anything to do with the INGO overstepping national sovereignty?