Use of Power and Environmental Protection

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Read and understand the following situation that shows variety other issues in the use of power and environmental protection If you the situation of these people, how can you stand on your own position according to the situation. Explain the basis of your decision to Do.

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John is still an advocate when he is a student, he takes care of the killikasan. So when he can graduate as an engineer, he assures that all he does project is not harmful to nature. He received project from the mayor of the town the Widening of Road. It aims to solve the traffic problem. It was a big project for John to recognize him as the town’s engineer. When visiting him such a road, he saw lined up the trees on each side of it. To do the road widening needs to be cut filled with the permission of the DENR. According to an acquaintance make it easier to get permission if given he part of the proceeds. If you are John what is will you do?

Garbage collection in the barangay Mang Tonio’s main occupation. Mostly of the people living in their barangay he already knew.

A program of the mayor of the town, the Ecologira/ Solid Waste Management, is implemented in all of his constituency. This is to manage waste disposal properly. That is why the pining Barangay ordered Mang Tonio not to collect the damage done by the residents if they do not follow the proper waste segregation.

The other residents are angry with Tonio when he does not take the unsegregated damaged. So the other residents asked Him to pay for Him to segregate their garbage and promised not to forward it to the Punong barangay. If you were Mang Tonio, would you hire?