US History the American War for Independence discussion…

Watch the video, read the links. Write your opinion . Then respond to your classmates 

-The opinions to respond-

There were really two main thing that happened in this assignment. First, when I watched Colbert’s video, I couldn’t help but chuckle. If he had been reading all that we were reading and seeing history through a new light, maybe he wouldn’t have said what he said… maybe. But I know that what I’ve learned about our Founding Fathers has made me want to read more about them. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, as a 17 yr old living in the world we live in I know for a fact that teenagers want to see and learn from real, raw humans.

That’s how we should be learning about our Founding Fathers. Second, the Revolutionary War was not the innocent sounding war that American History textbooks make it out to be.

There were divisions between the rich and the poor, the Natives and the Africans… even the political leaders. All this in-depth information from Zinn’s book was new information to me. I never really considered all that truly happened during this time, I’ve only read the “Disney” version.’

In the video clip, it talks about how people do not want to show the ugly sides of our founding fathers. We always read about the wonderful things that they did for our countries but never the bad, and they do not teach that in school. Like how some fought for independence and freedom but owed hundreds of slaves.

In the clip, he stated that if we do not teach kids about all the bad things that happen, they will more likely repeat history. In “Tyranny is Tyranny,” I found out that the American revolution is different for what was taught to us.

I think that the American revolution was more for power and land then freedom. Textbooks always say that the colonies came together to fight against Britain, but that was not the case. The poor farmers were made to fight along with the founding fathers but did not benefit from the war, unlike the founding fathers.