Three-And-A-Half-Year War Launched by Egyptian Forces

War of Attrition is A three-and-a-half-year war Launched by Egyptian forces on Israeli forces in Sinai after the defeat of the 1967 war The war was based on depleting the capabilities of the Israeli army and not on the basis of direct confrontation and preventing it from reaching the western part of the canal, The war ensured three main stages: the stage of steadfastness, the stage of confrontation and defense, and finally the stage of deterrence and decisiveness. During this period, Egypt succeeded in completing the construction of the Egyptian air defense system and moving the air defense missile wall near the edge of the West Bank of the canal, and the implementation of several operations to cross the eastern shore of the channel deep inside Sinai and rebuilt its air force and reorganized and trained the armed forces. During the operations of this period, the team killed Badalona Riad, chief of staff of the Egyptian forces on the front lines of the front in the location of the No. 6 in Ismailia during artillery battles on 9 March 1969, in 28th September 1970 the former president of Egypt Jamal Abdul Nasser dead, His deputy, Anwar Sadat, was elected President of Egypt on 15 October 1970 ,Sadat announced the intention to enter the war and declared it on several occasions, including his announcement on 22 June 1971 that 1971 was the year of decisive action, and his statement before the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on 24 October 1972, which stated that the armed forces must be equipped to enter the war. Today, I will be interviewing with someone who was in Egypt during this war, he will talk about the story of the world. He’s name is Sam he was in Egypt in 1973. Mr. Sam thank you for joining us today, could you please introduce yourself for the audience please? Mr. Sam thank you, I will be more than happy to join you today, my name is Sam Saeed I’m retired from united airlines, I was in Egypt in 1973 because I was study there, I’m an economics major. Me: thank you, can you please explain how the war was started, what happened during the war, how long will the war take, some details about the war and information that the people probably don’t know about it. Sam: thank you, first let’s talk about the history of war between Arabic versus Israel, it started at 1948 (Palestine war), 1956 war (Triple aggression) and 1967 war (6 days war). The 1973 war (October war) was the fourth and last war between Arab and Israel before Camp David Accords. October war started in 6th of October 1973 with two suddenly attacked at the same time and different location, the first attacked was by the Egypt forces to Israeli forces in Saina , in the second attacked was by the Syrian forces on al Jolan. After the start of the attack, the Egyptian and Syrian armed forces achieved their objectives of launching the war against Israel, and there were tangible achievements in the early days of the battles. Egyptian forces crossed the Suez Canal successfully and broke fortifications Barlev line and penetrated 20 km east into the Sinai, The Barlev line is a series of defensive fortifications that extended along the eastern coast of the Suez Canal. The Barlev line was built by Israel after its occupation of Sinai after the 1967 war. The main objective of the line was to secure the eastern bank of the Suez Canal and prevent the passage of any Egyptian forces to the same time the Syrian forces Goes deeply into the jolan Heights and reach the plain of Hula and the Sea of ​​Galilee. At the end of the war, the Israeli army rebounded. On the Egyptian front, it managed to open the Dafarswar hole and across the West Bank of the canal and hit the siege on the Third Field Army and the City of Suez, but failed to achieve any strategic gains either by occupying the cities of Ismailia or Suez or destroying the Third Army To the West Bank once again, but on the Syrian front was able to return Syrian forces from the Jolan Heights and occupy again. The war officially ended with the signing of the disengagement agreements between all parties. the signing of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel on March 26, 1979, and Egypt’s restoration of full sovereignty over Sinai and the Suez Canal on 25 April 1982, was released by international arbitration on 19 March 1989. The Camp David Conference was held from September 4 to 17, 1978 with the aim of reaching definitive solutions to outstanding issues between Egypt and Israel. The Egyptian delegation Anwar Sadat, “Egyptian President”, The Israeli delegation headed by Menachem Begin, the “prime minister of Israel”, While the mediation led the American delegation headed by Jimmy Carter, “US President”, At the end of the negotiations, the Egyptian President and the Israeli Prime Minister signed the Camp David Agreement on the evening of September 17, 1978, in the White House, which stipulated the comprehensive Israeli withdrawal and Egypt’s full sovereignty over the Sinai, the freedom of navigation of the Israeli ships in the straits, the Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal. Civil defense of airports built by Israel in the Sinai. The signing of the agreement resulted in a great anger in the Arab world resulting in the freezing of Egypt’s membership in the League of Arab States and the transfer of the university’s headquarters to Tunisia instead of Cairo from 1979 to 1989. On 10 December 1978 Sadat and Peugeot were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Signed the Convention. Following the signing of the treaty agreement, US President Jimmy Carter announced annual economic and military aid to Egypt and Israel in return for maintaining peace in the region. Since 1982, that aid has turned into non-refundable grants of $ 3 billion to Israel, $ 2.1 billion to Egypt, $ 815 million in economic aid, and $ 1.3 billion in military aid. Me: thank you so much for this great information Sami, can you please explain to us your feeling as an Arab when your country won this war? it’s good feeling for me and Arab people feeling proud and feeling Pride and pride, even though that I don’t like the war and I think the war is not a solution for anything. Me: thank you Mr. Sam, what was the reaction from Arab people and the global reaction? the global reaction was different from the Arab people reaction the global reaction was the supported to Israel forces against the Arab forces, there are many country supported Israel such as, France ,UK, Germany , Russia, on the other side , the Islamic countries support the Arab forces against the Israel forces. Interviewer: thank you so much for being with us today Mr. Sam, your information was helpful for Us.

Mr. Sam: thank you for this nice interview.


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