Theme of Money and Religion in American Formation Discussion

History Final Exam Essay        Topic:    1. As American was forming as a nation, explain how money and religion acted as reoccurring themes for this process as reflected in five major events (i.e. American Revolutionary War, Constitution, etc.). Please use your text as a primary source and draw from the various developments in American society that have been covered in the class.  You must include a title page and number the pages.

Length – The most important requirement is to cover the subject adequately. Your paper should be about 8-10 pages (not including title page and bibliography). Your paper should be typed and double spaced. Your top, bottom, and side margins should be about 1 inch.

 I will not measure this length but it is always obvious when margins are widened to make up for lack of content in a paper.  If you feel that you need to adjust the margins in order to fulfill the length requirement, you have probably not covered your subject adequately.

 PAGES MUST BE NUMBERED There are two types of research papers: analytical and descriptive. You must write an analytical paper in order to gain full credit on this assignment. Analytical papers are more difficult, as they require analysis of the information found in the research.  In an analytical paper, the writer takes a position on a debatable topic and proves that position.  However, the student must also recognize the opposing side to their argument as well.             

Example:  General Topic: The communist revolution in China Thesis:  The communist revolution in China was overall beneficial to the population.  

Content:  The writer explains the benefits that the Chinese population gained from the change to communism in their country.  However, they also must recognize the negative impact of it as well.  In order to prove the thesis, the writer must argue that the benefits that communism brought to the people of China outweigh the drawbacks.     

With a descriptive research paper, the writer simply finds and relates information on a given topic.              

Example: General Topic: The communist revolution in China              

Thesis:  In 1949, the communists took control over China.