Technology of Control Discussion Case Assignment

This has two parts (answer both!):

Discuss (300 words minimum) an example of a technology of control or exploitation from class discussions and readings. This might be, for example, controlling people (and their choices!), managing production and controlling ‘nature’ in some way, policies that dictate inequalities, controlling costs, etc.

Remember how “technology” has been a flexible, expansive concept in this class. Organizing logics such as scheduling, productivity, efficiency, capitalism, and labor management all count for this! So do more conventional understandings of technology like engines, computers, tools and the physical manipulation of material, etc.

(200 words + photograph) Thinking especially about our Food Access topics in class, locate and photograph what you deem to be a ‘convenient’ and technologically-mediated food source in your current life (in the past, this would have been a campus-based assignment, often responded to with pictures of vending machines or food trucks for example). Explain your choice in terms of the ‘convenience’ or inconvenience of this source under contemporary quarantine conditions. For example, explain if you take any particular precautions to access this source that you would not have in the past. Or, if you can think of a would-be convenient access point but find that there are considerable limitations on your access to it now for some reason, tell us about that. Use your imaginations and critical thinking to make this a revealing, surprising expos√© on food access technologies