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English 1A/ Fall 18 10/22

Bring Blue book and pen Open book

Taking a Position

Choose one of the essays in our Gender Unit and write a position paper by responding to your chosen author’s main argument. Do you agree with their main assertion? Do you disagree? Are you in the middle?

You’ll need:

–an Introduction that explains what “They, Say” (utilize the templates provided in out textbook)

–A thesis (what “You Say”)

–at least 3 body paragraphs that each contain a specific supporting point and evidence to back up those claims

–Clear topic sentences

–Clear transitions within and between paragraphs

–examples and at least 3 correctly integrated direct quotes from both the article you are responding to and from 1 other article from classfind an article from the internet. You can also use any information from the

documentaries we’ve watched, your own experience, or anything you’ve seen or read outside of class.

–A conclusion that doesn’t just merely restate your thesis. Why should we care about conversations surrounding gender? Why should we care about the position you’ve supported?

The article from our class: