Rise of Superman Research Paper Assignment

There’s a research paper that needs to be fixed a little portion of it 

This is my teacher notes

This paper was clearly written but entirely off-topic. The topic is again off-topic. It was missing a discussion of the superhero you were comparing to Bolt and how the relate to their worlds. Please see attached comments. Thank you for your essay. I have attached my grading rubric below. Argument:

Purpose and Audience The writing’s approach to the subject is off-topic or incomplete. It may encompass ideas that could use more development or specificity. Essay could work on contemplating the relationship between specific ideas. Thesis and Support The writing lacks a thesis and thus is not responding to the prompt in a way that is supported by reliable and relevant evidence from the focal text.

The essay shows an inaccurate understanding of the text and its contents. Structure The essay is not organized logically. Body paragraphs do not reflect thesis ideas. An introduction and conclusion are evident. Style The writing engages the reader through a prose style appropriate to the subject. Language is precise.

Some language errors are present. Citation and Formatting MLA Essay Format Student provides an assignment formatted in proper MLA style. MLA In-text Citations and the writer has used both signal phrases and MLA style parenthetical citations to integrate material from sources. There may be some errors in MLA format.

Quotations may have some formatting errors but are clearly marked. Detail-level Structure Grammar, Syntax, and Mechanics The writing may exhibit a few minor errors in grammar, punctuation, or usage, but they do not impair the flow of the reading.