Research on Digital Advertising and Sales Promotion

Individual Project Structure.

· Research Section (2500-3000)

· Research on Digital Advertising and Sales Promotion

· Focus on Part Two of your textbook. Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12

· Only academic sources (minimum 5 other academic books or articles off/online)

· Critical analysis (i.e. academic debate, opportunities and limitations, etc.)

· APA system for references.

· Advertising and Sales Promotion Campaign

· Strategy and tactics of the advertising campaign for the hotel selected between the 4 properties of André Balazs (specify media plan* for advertising and sales promotion)

· Create an advertising page (A4 format) and a 30 second commercial.

· Sales Promotion (same layout/style/graphic as the advertising, but with different contents). Include Strategy and Tactics + Pop up (Larger Leaderboard 720×300 pixel

· Evaluation of the campaigns

· Adv- 1 page

-30 commercial

· SP- pop up

· Media plan

*In the media plan (attachment), you need to include:

· Specific media (i.e. Traveller)

· Period (January-February, March…)

· Frequency (1-2-3 pages)

· Format (1 page, half page, banner, skyscraper, pop up, etc.)

Title ABC/123 Version X