Read the following Shouldice Hospital – Harvard Case No.

Read the following: Shouldice Hospital – Harvard Case No. 9-683-068Shouldice Hospital Limited.pdfAnswer the following questions:How successful is the Shouldice Hospital? Generate aProfit & Loss statement using available information from the case.Treat each of the two operations—hospital and the surgery—separately.How do you account for its successful performance?Prepare a patient process flow diagram from arrivalthrough surgery and determine the capacities at each stage. For thisdiagram, only indicate major points in the process, e.g., admitting,examination, operating room surgeries, etc. Use the actual hours of operationfor each step in the process to determine the capacity of each step. Whereis the bottleneck?Do a detailed analysis of potential on-site capacityexpansion alternatives (on a per week basis). Assume an average of 3.5days stay at the hospital for each patient, including surgery, and Sundayadmits. This means that half the patients spend three days while the otherhalf spend four days.It may help to use an exhibitsimilar to the following to do this analysis.ItemSunMonTueWedThuFriSatSunMonAdmitsOperationsDeparturesNo. of beds in useTotal no. of beds availableshouldice_hospital_limited.pdf