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Read first:…Read second : Hiring and Working with a Lawyer (attached below)Think about the feelings or opinions you hold about lawyers in general. These opinions could be shaped by lawyers you know personally, by TV ads, or by portrayals of lawyers in TV shows, movies, books, etc. Or, perhaps you or your family have already had to hire a lawyer yourself or been in a situation in which lawyers were involved. Answer the following questions:Are your feelings/opinions generally positive, negative, or neutral? Why do you think that is?How confident do you feel about hiring and working with an attorney in the event you needed to do so? What are some of your concerns about the process of hiring and working with a lawyer?Under what circumstances do you think hiring an attorney would be advisable?You were asked to review two readings before completing this assignment (the website and document provided with this assignment). What do you think is the most important thing for you to remember if you ever need to hire a lawyer? What advice would you give a friend or family member who is planning to hire a lawyer?Please feel free to share your honest thoughts and opinions here. Many people find the idea of having to hire a lawyer worrisome or intimidating. The point of this exercise is to get these issues out in the open and to help you become more comfortable and confident about working with lawyers in case you ever need to do so.