QUESTION Discuss the importance of the role of Federalism i

QUESTION: Discuss the importance of the role of Federalism in modern policing.NO PLAGIARISM!INSTRUCTIONS:Structure a 150 word response to the principle question. The response must be substantive and based on the text reading or an outside source – not Google. If you use outside sources it must be paraphrased and not copy and paste. It is also critical to identify the specific source consistent with APA formatting standards. ***YOU MUST DO RESEARCH, I WANT ORIGINAL WORK, NOT COPY AND PASTED FROM THE INTERNET. I ALSO NEED SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS FLUENT ENGLISH (NO OFFENSE, IF YOU DON’T, THIS IS NOT AN ASSIGNMENT FOR YOU).Grading will be based on content, structure, organization, grammar and spelling. Key Points: Federalism components to include division of power between central body and constituents; leftover powers left to the states; cooperative fluctuations between state/federal bodies. Discussion on policing should reflect on who the federal division of power impacts decisions that affect policing at local levels. Objective: Explain how the U.S. government’s features of democracy and federalism impact policing.The U.S. government is based on the concept of federalism. What that means is that each level is independent from the other in many aspects. It is often believed that there is a superior-subordinate relationship between lower and higher levels of government but that is incorrect. In terms of law enforcement it is necessary to develop relationships between and among the many agencies and levels of government in the delivery or law enforcement services. There are often discussions and debates in policing in terms of jurisdictional issues and boundaries. The alphabet agencies have a specific mission and the training is narrowly focused on whatever that mission happens to be (FBI, DEA, CBP, ICE). State and local agencies have the entire panoply of responsibilities and, while highly skilled, may not to the degree of federal agencies. To that end different level of expertise focused on a particular issue may present some ego issues. Attempting to develop some kind of relationship between and among agencies with different missions and charters may be problematic. In that regard identify a problem that may be occurring and explain your approach to solving it.QUESTION: Discuss the importance of the role of Federalism in modern policing.