QUESTION 1A(n) _____________ is a shared database schema con

QUESTION 1A(n) _____________ is a shared database schema containing data that belongs to many different users, and each user can view or update only the data he or she owns.10 points QUESTION 2True or False: SQL Server does not support the VPD function. True False10 points QUESTION 3The ____________________ user is the application schema owner that owns all tables and the tables’ policies.VPD_CLERK2VPD_CLERK1CustomersDBSEC10 points QUESTION 4The ____________________ control column contains the name of the user who inserted the row and is allowed to update it.CTL_CLERK_USERSALES_REP_IDCTL_UPD_USERCTL_REC_STAT10 points QUESTION 5Using _______________, which is an Oracle-supplied package, add the VPD policy used to enforce VPDs: RLS (row-level security).10 points QUESTION 6What is a shared database schema? What are the benefits and purpose? — Font family —- Font size —- Format –HeadingSub Heading 1Sub Heading 2ParagraphFormatted Code– Font family –Andale MonoArialArial BlackBook AntiquaComic Sans MSCourier NewGeorgiaHelveticaImpactSymbolTahomaTerminalTimes New RomanTrebuchet MSVerdanaWebdingsWingdings– Font size –1 (8pt)2 (10pt)3 (12pt)4 (14pt)5 (18pt)6 (24pt)7 (36pt)Path: pWords:010 points QUESTION 7VPDs are also referred to as or .10 points QUESTION 8True or False: You can use the capability to restrict updates or inserts on columns, using GRANT_UPDATE(column) and INSERT(column) True False10 points QUESTION 9A _____________ is a security concept that describes the limitation of database resources that are granted database users.roleprivilegeprofile password 10 points QUESTION 10In Oracle, to view all profiles created in the database, query the data dictionary view with: __________________.DB_PROFILESDBA_PROFILESSYS_PROFILESDBMS_PROFILES10 points QUESTION 11A(n) _____________________________ is a set of guidelines that enhances the robustness of a password and reduces the robustness of a password and reduces the likelihood of its being broken.10 points QUESTION 12In Oracle you can grant a privilege by using the data control language (DCL) ____________________ statement.10 points QUESTION 13A _____________________________ is a concept used to organize and administer privileges in an easy manner.roleprivilegepassword policy profile 10 points QUESTION 14In order for encryption to be effective you must have: data maskingbackup and recovery procedures centralized key managementnone of the above. 10 points QUESTION 15True or False: When encrypted data needs to be destroyed or disposed of then destroying the keys will not prevent the data ever being read. True False10 points QUESTION 16When using the single key encryption approach which is NOT true?There is only one key to manage to create, access, and back up. The key can be placed in many places convenient for the application to access. If the key is ever stolen, the entire database is not vulnerable. None of the above. 10 points QUESTION 17A ____________________ is a method to permit or deny access to data or to perform a database operation.roleprofile password policy privilege10 points QUESTION 18A(n) _____________ is a collection of related data files used by an application.applicationdatabaseDBMSDatabase management system 10 points QUESTION 19A(n) __________________ is simply a record created for a user within the application schema to be used for authentication to the application.application user database user proxy user schema user 10 points QUESTION 20____________________ is a process that decides whether users are permitted to perform the functions they request.Identification Authentication AuthorizationVerification