Question 1A recent university graduate with a degree in Proj

Question 1A recent university graduate with a degree in Project Manager and two years’ experience recently interviewed for a job with a consulting company. A hiring manager from the consulting company called the graduate and offered him the job with a starting salary of $35, 000. The graduate has read in Jobs Inc. magazine that the average starting salary for a new hire with a degree and 2 years’ experience is $38,000–$42,000. This recent college graduate has asked you for advice on how to negotiate for a higher salary. Provide this graduate with a stepby step explanation on how he/she should proceed.Question 2Read the article (see attached), give a brief summary of the focus of the article and respond to the following questions:What is your primary form of power you tend to use most frequently? How is power different from politics?Provide anexample of how you have used the different 5 forms of power or heard orseen someone else using them. Were these forms of power usedappropriately considering the situation you described? Please explainwhy or why not?