Prescribing positive actions for leaders and organizations

Although studying theory might seem to be an effort separate from practice (e.g., professional activities), good theories emerge from assessing practice. Accordingly, theories can possess some usefulness in prescribing positive actions for leaders and organizations.

Assume you are the manager of a department in an organization. Select two of the theories you learned about this week that you believe will be most useful in managing your staff. (Be sure to review the supplemental readings as well). Select different theories or different combinations of theories than your classmates select. Address the following:

  • Assess why you find the two theories you selected most practical or helpful.
  • Evaluate how the two theories might interact with each other.
  • Analyze whether you anticipate needing different motivational methods applying your selected theories according to the ages, races, national origins, cultures, genders, and educational backgrounds of your subordinates. Provide appropriate citations to support your conclusions.
  • Justify three best practices that emerge from your selected theories (three best practices total. You do not need three best practices for each theory).