PLs comments both ( ‘ 2nd person only)Case # 1 I would go u

PLs comments both ( ‘ 2nd person only’)Case # 1 I would go up to the guy waiting with his cat, saying excuse me, and introducing myself to him. I would then proceed to ask him if he could spare two dollars for a ticket for the train, stating I would not be able to pay him back, but I would really appreciate it if he could help me out, as I’ve lost my money and have an emergency that is extremely important that I get on the next train. I selected the man waiting with his cat, because he seemed more the type of person who would help a person out in need. He seemed to be a loner type of person, who only has a cat as a family member, and therefore, he might be more inclined to help someone who have struggles. I would not choose the family waiting together, because they seem to be the type of people who would not want to help others out. The two young ladies look like they just don’t want to be bothered at all. The various individuals of a different culture waiting together look like they are down on their luck, and might not even have any extra money to help. The tourists waiting on a train seem to be people who would help you out. They would be the next person I ask if the man waiting with his cat did not help me out. Yes, I have been stereotyped before for having blonde hair. How they say all blonde woman are dumb. As an employee for a fast food restaurant, there are many employees who come and go. I start noticing how one employee would type up orders, and think man they are dumb. How can they not get the order right after so many weeks working here? I wish someone would teach their cashiers the proper way to ring up orders, that also do not confuse the people in the kitchen making the food. Looking upon this person, I start to wonder if they even have comprehended how to do their job the right way. Saying that they are slow at taking orders which frustrates the kitchen because we are a fast food restaurant, and we can’t be fast if we are continually waiting on the cashiers to finish taking the order. The cashiers could be taught the faster way to ring up orders. I myself have trained numerous employees and showed them little tricks to help speed the order taking along. But, as I am always stuck working in the kitchen, I cannot fully train anyone, but I have made comments to the employee themselves on little things that could be done. And after doing so, they have improved, but for weeks we all were suffering because we are not training our employees to make the most out of the jobs. Case # 2 I would go to the tourists waiting on the train because they look happy and really to spend some money anyway.I would approach them by saying hello and explaining my situation and then ask them for two dollars and I would let them know I can’t pay them back. I would probably hold a conversation with them like why they came here to tourist or what do they do. When it time to leave I would thank them for whatever they did and continue on my day.The reason I chose them is because the look like they are some retired citizens ready to have a good time and spend some money. They also don’t seem to have any children to worry about which is another reason I approach them. They seem nice and friendly too. The reason I didn’t choose the first family is because they seem stress and I would want children see me beg. The reason I didn’t choose the two young ladies is because they seem to not have a clue where they was and I probably wouldn’t know where to direct them so that was a no.The reason I didn’t choose the one with different cultures is because truthfully I thought they were homeless but since they aren’t it just too many people there in general for me to have ask. The reason I probably would have went to the man waiting with his cat is because I don’t like or trust cat to go up to him and disturb the moment that they seem to be having it look like he meditating anyway. I think in a sense being an African American that often people think that I am lazy but when I go for the job they see that I am not and take advantage of it. In most cases it maybe true but not and my case because I feel like you getting paid for a job you should do it. I a kind of person would not tell you to do something for me but I would try to do it myself all the time because I am self independent where it doesn’t feel right asking someone to do something for me. My job I have now used to be my mother job which is delivering parts. Since she work there I guess everyone assume that I should like it or understand it better and treat me like her. Which in my case is not good because I learn different from others and I think I am slower at catching on which they don’t realized is because my mom is teaching me the job. In most cases they seem to not want to explain some things because they think I should already know.the way this could have be avoid is her not showing me and a stranger showing me how to do the job. The situation would have been very harder but I don’t they would assume a lot about me if my mother was teaching me or around me.