.Please respond to this classmate in 4 sentences or more. I

.Please respond to this classmate in 4 sentences or more. I’m originally from Florida, but I am currently stationed in Arkansas. The rest of my family still resides in Florida. My husband and I are both military and live in Arkansas for the time being. I have 3 more years until my enlistment is up so there’s a good chance we’ll be here until I get out. After I get out I’ll join my husband on the guard side. I am currently getting my degree (BA) in Early Childhood Development and after I complete my degree I want to continue my education and get my Masters in Special Education. Ideally I would like to run my own special education classroom and help those in need. I hope to gain more information about child development and be able to use that in my future endeavors. I wish everyone the best of luck in this class and cant wait to get to know everyone over these next couple of weeks.