Please respond to the following ‘Brand Design ModelEvaluat

Please respond to the following: ‘Brand Design Model’Evaluate the value of assigning appropriate brand identities to representhealth care goods, services, and institutions. Provide support for yourrationale.Assess the value of Calder and Reagan’s Brand Design Model as a device forsystematically guiding health care marketers through the process of formulatingbrands. Explain one (1) reason why a SWOT analysis is needed to help health careorganizations understand competitor brands. Provide two (2) examples from ahealth care organization with which you are familiar that support the value ofCalder and Reagan’s Brand Design Model.Please respond to the following: ‘Brand Portfolio Molecule and Brand ReportCard’Based on your review of the Learnscape scenario titled “Learnscape 3:Recover and Retention”, explain the fundamental reasons why brands do not existin isolation but do exist in larger environments that include other brands.Provide two (2) specific recommendations or solutions that help the health carefacility in this scenario improve patient satisfaction.Assess the value of Lederer and Hill’s Brand Portfolio Molecule when used tounderstand brand relationships. Provide at least two (2) specific examples ofstrategic or tactical initiatives within a health care organization.