Please read the any one link below before you do the answer

Please read the any one link below before you do the answer………Be sure to identify (and provide an APA formatted link to) the article you select. This is just good manners.make it around in email format in 600 word minimumFind at least two additional articles that address the same facts. Typically, several sources will report on the same event. You might find facts that I missed!Your Discussion Board Post is to be formatted as an email to your organization’s Board of Directors. Write as if you are the CIO in the same industry as that mentioned in the article(s) and had been considering doing the same thing they did.Explain what happened.Stick to the facts. If you speculate, say that you are speculating.Explain how Master Data Management was successful or how it failed.What did management do correctly or fail to do?If they were successful, was that because of a plan or were they just lucky?If they failed, what would you do to correct the procedure to avoid failures in the future?Will the information in this article encourage you to do the same thing or make you reconsider? Why?Should this change how you do business?please make it effectively and no plagiarism and even add the link you read in APA format.use the web sources for the examples but you have make this answers from the article and how its going