Museum of Bad Art the Rainbow Collection Discussion

Write 1-page discussion of “The Rainbow Collection”

Here is the link

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Take a look at the collection called: “The Rainbow Collection”. Color is used in a variety of ways. Select one painting and comment on how the artist is using ‘color’ to describe their subjects/people. Comment on other student remarks – agree/ disagree?

See below the painting by Pablo Picasso “The Guitar ” painted during his “blue period” where most of his works were variations of blue in color. Consider how the collection you are observing as well as Picasso’s work effects your responses.

What do you think of Picasso’s use of color in this painting?

How does color influence you?

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Part 2


In this video, Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Drucker are using examples from Renaissance painting to explain “atmospheric perspective”, emphasizing close up images and far away images differently.

Watch video.

In 50 words or so, define “atmospheric perspective” and explain how it is used in painting.

Part 3


In this video, Dr Beth Harris and Dr Steven Drucker discuss the art movement of Cubism using the artists who founded the movement, Pablo Picasso and George Braque.

Watch video.

In 50 words or so, describe main points of Cubism as discussed in the video. Briefly, include a statement of your impressions of these artist’s artworks.