MUS 328 Frank Sinatra and Michael Bubble Presentation

. Research a contemporary artist or group who was influenced by Frank Sinatra and present your findings in a 10-15 slide PowerPoint* presentation. Your artist must be someone whose career took off sometime between 1950 and the present day.

Your main objective is to identify how the artist(s) is musically influenced by Sinatra (i.e., musical style, instrumentation, vocal style, performance techniques, studio production, etc.) You may look more generally at the artist’s repertoire, but you must choose 1-2 songs from your artist that exemplify how they were influenced by Sinatra and include audio and/or video links as well as a written explanation in your presentation in order to elucidate your argument. 

If you are only analyzing one song, you may not analyze a cover of a Sinatra song. If you choose to analyze a song that samples a Sinatra song, please analyze the relationship between the Sinatra song and its new context within the song it is sampled. For example: How does the sample of Sinatra contribute to the new song—in terms of mood, or rhythm, or style, etc.?

What was the message of Sinatra’s song? How has this message changed (if at all) in the context of the new song? Why do you think the song’s producer(s) selected that particular sample?

You are also encouraged to address how Sinatra influenced the artist’s socio-political outlook, marketing strategies, fashion, relationship with the music industry, and engagement with the audience and the press, etc.

Make sure to cite any sources that you use

Rubric attached