Manufacturing The Tzedge Shoe Worksheet Project 

Question Description

With the assistance of the manufacturing group, the product design team has prepared another worksheet that lists the labor costs involved in manufacturing the TZEdge shoe. Figure 1.11 shows this worksheet.

DescriptionProduction RateUnit$/Hour
Delivery of Boxes to Product line14.00boxes/hr$ 11.00
Cutting of Leather20.00shoes/hr20.50
Attachment of Appliques30.00appliques/hr10.15
Sewing of Logos to Leather16.50pieces/hr16.00
Assembly of Leather & Sole10.00shoes/hr15.55
Assembly of Arch Support18.50shoes/hr10.89
Each Shoe – Manufacturing Tasks;Quantity /ShoeUnitTotal Cost
Delivery of Boxes to Product line0.25boxes/shoe$ 0.20
Cutting of Leather1.00shoe1.03
Attachment of Appliques6.00appliques/shoe2.03
Sewing of Logos to Leather16.50pieces/hr
Assembly of Leather & Sole1.00shoe1.56
Assembly of Arch Support1.00shoe0.00
Total Labor$ 4.82
In these steps, your task is to troubleshoot this worksheet and correct any problems with formatting or formulas. Complete the following: 1. Open the workbook named Labor.xlsx located in the Chapter 1 folder, and then save the file as Labor Costs.xlsx. 2. Adjust the column widths, as necessary, so that all information is fully displayed. 3. Format the values in the Production Rate and $/Hour columns with the Comma Style. Format cell D2 with a dollar sign aligned at the left of the cell. 4. Address the error message in cell B10. 5. Correct the formula in cell D10 so that it accurately calculates the cost of delivering boxes for one shoe. 6. Check the formulas for the other manufacturing tasks to ensure they are written correctly and that the worksheet can be easily updated later if any inputs change. The inputs are the Production Rate, Unit, $/Hour, and Quantity/Shoe. Check that the formula to summarize the labor costs is correct, and modify as needed. 7. Format range D10:D15 so that the values align on the decimal point and display two decimal places for all the values in column D. Include a dollar sign in cells D10 and D15. 8. Format cells B10:B14 with the Comma Style with two decimal places. 9. The labor cost of sewing logos onto the leather was accidentally omitted from the manufacturing tasks. There are two logos per shoe that need to be sewn on. Insert a new row just below the row containing the Attachment of Appliques, and complete the data inputs and outputs to calculate the labor cost of sewing these logos. 10. Adjust the Total Labor cost accordingly. 11. Add the title TZEdge Labor Analysis at the top of the worksheet. Center and merge the title over the columns containing values. Format the title with a light blue background. Choose a blue color in the Theme Colors section. 12. Create a custom page header to contain your name, the name of the company, and today’s date.