Humanities 201Popular Culture Paper 1Overview 5 pages, doub

Humanities 201Popular Culture Paper 1Overview: 5 pages, double spaced, MLA format, Works Cited page, lastname and page numbers at the upper right corner of every page. Directions: In class we have learned the difference between an epic heroand a tragic hero according to Aristotle and others. First, pick a characterfrom a modern work (whether it is a movie, cartoon, comic book, or televisionshow) and evaluate that character as an epic hero. Next, find a differentcharacter from the same work or a different piece and evaluate that characteras a tragic hero. Finally, compare similarities and difference in thecharacters. Considerthe following:·Character’s development through the story·Character’s actions through the story·Responses/reactions of other characters to thatcharacter·Character’s intentionsFormat:Part 1—Introduction Part 2—Evaluation of your epicheroPart 3—Evaluation of your tragicheroPart 4—Comparing the twoPart 5—Conclusion

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