HEED 103 Reasons for Selecting Alcohol Abuse Essay

The Health Paper should be 5 typed (more or less will be docked points), double spaced and use font size 12 (Times New Roman). A 6th page will be the reference page only. Paper should be well written in college level grammar and punctuation. Make sure to cite your references on the 6th or last page and remember the cover sheet, if you include one, does not count as a page and neither do illustrations!

Proof your paper carefully for spelling and grammar errors before submitting. Your paper should be informative rather than one’s own personal thought on a particular matter, however, make sure you explain in the first part of the paper WHY you choose the topic you did.  You may choose any topic that has affected you or a family member of friend OR….you may choose any topic you are interested in that is Health related.  Remember to let me know in the first paragraph, why you choose your topic?

Your paper should be set up in 3 sections: 

A brief introduction about why you choose your subject.

Research your desired topic. Using at least 3 references.  Be sure to cite all of your sources on the reference page at the end.  Citing within the paper is recommended.  Remember, all papers will be scanned by Vericite, a plagiarism detection app.  You risk getting a 0 on this project if you copy and paste. . (No references can be used from Wikipedia or About.com.)

Source References should be cited as follows:

VANIN, John R. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Suffering in Silence. Journal of American College Health 39: 47-48, 2011.

Services, Department of Health and Human.U.S. Obesity Trends 1985-2010. 24 July 2010. 28 February 2011 .

Health: The Basics 10th Edition. By Donatelle, Body Mass Index (BMI). Page 309

When citing within the paper, a short citation such as the authors last name will be fine, for example, using the first source above…(Vanin)

A summary of what you learned and how it can help