graph paper attached, and rubric attached as well. Instructi

graph paper attached, and rubric attached as well. Instructions: Create a blueprint of an ideal room in your house using a coordinate planeClassify three of the shapes in your blueprint and justify your classification using theorems about quadrilaterals and trianglesUse coordinates to calculate the perimeter and area of the room in your blueprintWrite a paragraph describing a real-world application in which the coordinate grid system is used. Include a simple example specific to your application, and a diagram, if appropriate. You may use an idea from one of the videos, or you may search the Internet. Either way, remember to cite your source.You will turn in the following:a blueprint of a room drawn in a coordinate plane, using an appropriate scalea page of calculations showing how you found the perimeter and area of the remodeled rooma paragraph discussing a real-world application of the coordinate planea reflection about the strengths and weaknesses of your blueprint and how the weaknesses could be addressedclassifications of three polygons that were used to represent appliances or furniture in your blueprint