For this milestone you will submit a complete strategic IT i

For this milestone you will submit a complete strategic IT initiatives document that synthesizes the information from the first two milestones. Last milestone, youperformed a SWOT analysis on your IT department and identified a number of weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Now you will select a subset of theseitems to focus on to develop four to six strategic IT initiatives. Develop the strategic IT initiatives that are aligned to the conclusions from your SWOT analysis inorder to mitigate threats, strengthen weak areas, and capitalize on organizational strengths and opportunities. In addition, your document should map back tothe mission and vision statements of your IT department and should model best practices in IT governance supported by the standards and regulations of yourorganization’s industry. Additional legal and regulatory implications, as they pertain to the acquisition, implementation, and general use of informationtechnology, should also be addressed.For each of your four to six strategic IT initiatives, you must address items A, B, and C below.Note: This strategic initiatives paper should be more oriented to what needs to be done, not how those items will be accomplished. The “how” will be addressedin the creation of action plans that are part of your final project submission.The following critical elements will be addressed in this submission: Strategic IT Initiatives: You will craft four to six strategic IT initiatives for your department that, as a set of initiatives, adhere to the following:A. IT Department SWOT: Your strategic IT initiatives should represent your conclusions from the IT department SWOT. In other words, the initiativesyou create should be aligned with identified strengths and opportunities of the IT department and address identified weaknesses and threats.B. Vision, Mission, Values: Your IT initiatives should align to the values of the organization and the IT values of your own department, as well as withthe vision you articulated for your group and the mission statement you crafted.C. Ethics and Law: IT initiatives should also model best practices in IT governance, as supported by external and internal IT standards.You are encouraged to use this prompt section as a guide for how you should structure your response. Remember, each IT initiative, you must address items A, B,and C above.RubricGuidelines for Submission: The strategic initiatives paper should follow these guidelines: two to three pages in length, double spacing, 12-point Times NewRoman font, one-inch margins, APA format, and a minimum of two sources.Instructor Feedback: This activity uses an integrated rubric in Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the Grade Center. For more information,review these instructions.

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