Follow APA requirements pleaseEmergencies that require gover

Follow APA requirements pleaseEmergencies that require government assistance may occur to both individuals and organizations. Complete the following assignment:This week’s assignment is to develop an Emergency Evacuation Plan. Because we tend to have more control over our personal surroundings and possessions than those of our workplace (plus we may be more passionate about home and family), it might be easier to create such a plan for your homes or residences. However, you can also choose to create a plan based on your place of employment, or even your campus. You might also develop a plan for other family members, like elderly parents. Explain what disaster(s) you might experience and what plans you would put in place to protect yourself, your possessions, and your loved ones.How can you prepare yourself so that you do not lose access to finances, insurance information, medical records or medication, or contact with loved ones during a disaster?Explain any system or process you used to generate your plan. View the FEMA site for input and guidance as needed.The completed assignment should be at least 250 words.Save your document(s) with a file name that includes your name, course code, section number, and title.

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