Fax Cover Sheet, An Application Letter, And A Resume

text to a table, and format tables. You will also insert text from a file, change and reorganize text, use Find and Replace, use proofing tools, and use a template.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

1Start Word. Download and open the file named go16_wd_ch02_grader_2g_hw.docx.
2Add the file name field to the footer. On Page 1, click in the blank paragraph below the letterhead, and then press ENTER three times. Use the Date & Time command to insert the current date using the third format. Press ENTER four times, and then type the following:

Ms. Mary Walker-Huelsman, Director
Florida Port Community College Career Center
2745 Oakland Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33713
3Press ENTER two times, and then type Dear Ms. Walker-Huelsman: and then press ENTER two times. Insert the text from the downloaded file go_w02_grader_h3_text.docx.
4Press CTRL+HOME to move to the top of the document. By using either the Spelling & Grammar command on the Review tab or by right-clicking words that display blue or red wavy underlines, correct or ignore words flagged as spelling, grammar, or word usage errors.
5Replace all instances of posting with listing.
6On Page 1, in the paragraph that begins The job description, use the Thesaurus to replace the word specific with explicit. In the same paragraph, replace the word credentials with its synonym qualifications.
7On Page 1, in the paragraph that begins I currently, move the first sentence to the end of the paragraph.
8On Page 1, in the second blank line below the paragraph that begins The job description, insert a two-column, three-row table. Add the following text to the table you just inserted:

Left column:
Required Certifications

Right Column:
Bachelor of Science, Business Management
Two years computer support experience at a major university
9On Page 1, AutoFit the contents of the table. To the table on Page 1, apply the Table Grid Light table style (under Plain Tables, in the first row, first style). Center the table on Page 1 between the left and right margins.
10On Page 2, insert a row above the second row in the table. Add the following text to the row you just inserted:

Left column:

Right column:
To obtain a Business Programmer Analyst position that will use my technical and communications skills and computer support experience.

Apply bold to the text OBJECTVE. In the right column, add 12 pt Spacing After the paragraph you entered.
11On Page 2, select the entire table and AutoFit Contents. Remove all borders from the resume table, and then apply a custom single solid line 1 1/2 pt top border to only the first row.
12On Page 2, merge the cells in the first row of the table. Center the contents of the merged cell, and apply Bold. In the first row, select William Franklin, change the Font Size to 20 pt, and then add 24 pt Spacing Before. In the email address at the bottom of the first row, change the Spacing After to 24 pt.
13On Page 2, in the cell to the right of RELEVANT EXPERIENCE, below the line that begins January 2014, apply bullets to the six lines that comprise job duties. Create a similar bulleted list for duties as a Computer Technician. Select the text in the cell to the right of CERTIFICATIONS. Format the text in the cell as a bulleted list with solid round bullets.
14Click the File tab, and then click Show All Properties. As the Tags, coverletter, resume As the Subject, type your course name and section number. Be sure your name is indicated as the Author.
15Save and close the document. Exit Word. Submit the document as directed.
Total Points