ENG 112 Primary Research Paper Discussion

It is a paper that requires 7-9 pages double space which is not very long. There’s a example paper provided and I am 2 page through. It needs at least three cited text where I already cited 2 text, I hope you can extend a bit more on the citing, you don’t need much.

You also need to have a data analysis where I already collected all the data. With the example it is a easy paper to do. The structure are very clear and easy.

It is a short paper that requires 7-9 double-spaced pages. There is a sample paper provided, and I am currently on page 2 of it. It requires at least three referenced texts, of which I have previously cited two. I hope you can expand on the citation a little more, as you don’t require much.

You’ll also need a data analysis, which I’ve previously done for you. It is a simple paper to write using the example. The framework is simple and straightforward.