Demographic Analysis and Proposed Model – This component i

Demographic Analysis and Proposed Model – This component is the major decision point for your integrative project. In this component, you:Synthesize the research from your literature review to complete a demographic analysis of the study groups or populations affected by the problem. You must evaluate valid, reliable, and relevant public safety research to critically examine the groups or populations. It is important to consider multicultural perspectives in your examination and in the selection of sources you use to support your analysis.Based on your demographic analysis, describe alternative solutions to the problem and the impact of each solution on public safety policy.Propose a viable model for approaching the problem in your jurisdiction or community that promotes the evolution of public safety policy and advances the discipline.Describe any personal biases and social and professional ethical dilemmas that might arise as you take action.Determine how you would evaluate and measure the success of your model if it were implemented as a solution to the problem.In discussing the implementation of your model, synthesize the historical and contemporary public safety policies related to your problem, given your demographic analysis, and propose how your model can influence social change and promote community improvements. Keep in mind, social change necessitates policy change and affects community improvements. Conversely, public safety policy must recognize the dynamics of social change in order to influence it and promote community improvements.Describe how you would communicate the proposed model itself, and the plan for evaluating its efficacy, to the various audiences affected by the problem (such as political, community, institutional, or funding sources).Analyze how the model relates to the existing, multiple professional standards that may impact its implementation, efficacy, and influence on policy.Describe your plan to communicate how the model relates to the professional standards for each audience affected by the problem.