DeliverableLength 15-slidepresentation; a minimum of 13 sli

DeliverableLength: 15-slidepresentation; a minimum of 13 slides must contain speaker notes of150–200 words. Sourceslisted on references slide in APA format. Key goals: Define and apply legal terminology to employment issues.Examine the relationship between employment law and HR policies.Examine the range of legal liability for HR.Assignment : Afterspending some time observing the day-to-day operations of Elora Jean& Co., you have noticed a trend in employee and labor relationsissues. These issues include perceived unfair treatment frommanagers, distress over disciplinary actions, and anxiety about newhuman resources (HR) policies.Awareof the union and nonunion entities within Elora Jean & Co., youhave observed that the production supervisors are unclear on thefacility’s union grievance procedures, and the nonproductionsupervisors are unclear on how to handle employee concerns in theiroffices. Employees often feel that they do not have the means tofully voice their concerns. With this level of confusion on grievanceprocedures, employee morale and performance has begun to decline,affecting Elora Jean & Co.’s ability to stay competitive.Asthe HR consultant, you see an opportunity to educate Elora Jean &Co.’s management team on grievance practices. You decide to reviewguidelines on dispute resolution and grievance procedures and preparea presentation for the company’s owner.Preparea presentation on developing a work climate in which grievances are alast resort and how to properly address them when they do occur. Yourpresentation should include the following components:Includerecommendations on a strategy that Elora Jean & Co. canincorporate to proactively avoid grievances. Your recommendationshould include a way to create an environment in which employeeissues are identified and addressed before they move into a formalgrievance process. Recommendations for creating positive employeerelations should be discussed.Includerecommendations for a dispute resolution process for the nonunionoffices. Your proposal should include a sample procedure fornonunion employees to follow when complaints arise.Presentstep-by-step guidelines for handling grievances in the productionfacility. Your presentation should include recommendations forinvestigating complaints, working effectively with unionrepresentatives, and summarizing supervisor responsibilities.Include cautions about actions to avoid when handling grievances.Includea proposal for training to educate the line managers on handlinggrievances and avoiding grievances to ensure violations do notoccur. Specifically, discuss the areas that such training shouldcover.Note: The15-slide presentation should include a minimum of 13 slides withspeaker notes of 150–200 words. The title slide and reference slidedo not have to have speaker notes.background info:EloraJean and Co., based in central Indiana, is a family-run manufacturingbusiness. The company manufactures grain products for the foodindustry. Currently, the organization consists of a productionfacility that has 110 unionized production employees and 2administration offices that have 14 nonunion employees. EloraJean and Co. is in the process of opening a production facility inMalaysia, which will have 20 nonunion employees. Elora Jean and Co.has been operating as a sole proprietorship for 18 months.Atthe start-up phase, the company owner did not forecast an exponentialincrease in demand for her product. Consequently, she did not applyfor unemployment insurance, purchase a general liability insurancepolicy, or obtain a worker’s compensation policy, because she plannedto use her own family members to operate the business. Over the last13 months, however, the company has grown, in part because of itsaggressive hiring strategy and need to manage production demands. Inspite of the company’s rapid growth, it does not have a dedicatedhuman resources department. Instead, the company’s owner delegatedhuman resource administration duties to the operations manager (OM),but the OM’s knowledge of human resource policy, practice, andregulation is limited. As the company continues to expand itsoperation, the owner has detected an increase in employee grievancecases. The owner foresees certain legal ramifications of anundermanaged workforce because of this lack of human resourceadministration experience.Youare a contracted strategic human resource (HR) consultant for EloraJean and Co. Your role, over the next 5 weeks, is to ensure that thecompany’s HR policies and processes comply with local, state, andfederal labor statutes.Thecritical areas in which you intend to focus include equalemployment opportunity (EEO) staffing laws, antidiscriminatory hiringpractices, foreign worker provisions, and affirmative actionregulations. You will be asked to review labor laws and relevantcases, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family MedicalLeave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and TitleVII of the Civil Rights Act. You are also being asked to communicatelabor and employment litigation risks and solutions to the owner.Theproduction facility with its union representation will presentadditional challenges. You have had experience dealing with theNational Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in the past, and you arefocused on keeping Elora Jean and Co. clear of its investigations andhearings. Therefore, you plan to review and identify managementpractices to minimize the risk of unfair labor practice charges. Acomprehensive review of grievance procedures and labor relationspractices within the context of union representation will be on yourlist of priorities.Additionally,the production facility presents an increased risk for safetyaccidents. The owner has asked you to initiate a safety audit toensure that Elora Jean and Co. is compliant with Occupational Safetyand Health Act (OSHA) laws. You will also review the safetyrecords at Elora Jean and Co. to determine the company’s legalliabilities and limitations regarding its drug-free workplace policy.With the Malaysian production facility on the horizon, there will beinternational HR policies and regulations to consider, too. EloraJean and Co. needs you to determine which U.S. and international HRlaws might apply to the offshore operation, as well as the employer’sresponsibilities to U.S. employees and non-U.S. employees workingabroad.TheHR issues at Elora Jean and Co. will provide a challenging 5-weekproject for you, the human resource professional. The success ofElora Jean and Co. depends on your in-depth knowledge of U.S. laborlaws, general knowledge of HR regulations as they apply to a globalworkforce, and your HR policy guidance to keep the company within itslegal boundaries of human resource management.