Attached to this syllabus you will find the following articl

Attached to this syllabus you will find the following article:MICHAEL G.L AAMODT & CHRISTINA MOYSE.’Researching the Multiple Murderer: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Books on Specific Serial, Mass and Spree Killers’ from the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 2003, 18(1).Review this article and pick a serial killer to research. Your term paper will be based on a narrow aspect of the serial killer’s life. You may want to Google the name of the serial killer to find more sources of data to help you select a narrow aspect of the killer’s life.Prior to writing the term paper you will have to submit a brief (1/2 page) proposal on the topic identifying this one narrow aspect of The Serial Killer’s Life that you plan to research. The term paper should be typed double-spaced and carefully checked for content and style (correct spelling, punctuation and grammar). Reference and text citations should be prepared according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The paper should be 6-10 pages in length. Please keep in mind that content and quality is valued much more than quantity.The goal of the assignment is to develop strong critical thinking and analytical skills. This requires students to “actively think,” analyze problems, analyze information, reach independent decisions, and/or solve a problem.