As you continue to be participants and observers of dance, i

As you continue to be participants and observers of dance, it is important that you examine what your personal aesthetic is, and what about your life experiences may affect what you find aesthetically pleasing. For this discussion forum, think back through all of the choreography that you have watched both from the website and from the concerts that you have attended. See if you can put into words what your personal aesthetic for dance is. Be as specific as possible. Offer examples of your aesthetic preference from pieces that you have watched in the class, as well as speculations about why you might prefer those particular attributes in a dance and what life circumstances may have contributed to that opinion. Here’s an example: When viewing a dance, I prefer choreography that changes direction often, and in unexpected ways. For example, in William Forsythe’s One Flat Thing Reproduced, the dancers would spring forward, backward, sideways, over, under, and around the tables with no indication in their bodies of where they would appear next. At one point a dancer powerfully extends her legs while sliding on her back across the table and then suddenly bends her knees to duck under another dancer’s forceful swipes with his arms. It is possible that I enjoy this type of movement because I have a desire to be surprised. Perhaps that stems from being part of a culture that glorifies adventure and risk taking. I also resonate with choreography that utilizes small, intricate actions of specific body parts in isolation. An example of one of these moments is in Bob Fosse’s Rich Man’s Frug when the dancers crisply rock their hips side to side while coolly rolling their wrists. I think my enjoyment of that aspect of the choreography is a result of being a child of two educators who insisted that I pay attention to details.Please note that the posts need to include 3 component descriptions and thoughts about WHY you prefer certain choreography. It is not just about saying WHAT you like, but examining WHY you like it.Dont need to be any format , just 1-2 paragraph will be good enough