Answer the following questions Part 1How does a creative or

Answer the following questions: Part 1How does a creative orientation support the analysis of business opportunities for strategic change?How might an organizational culture manifest itself as reactive or creative?As a leader, what specific actions would you take to encourage the organizational structure so that it supports a creative orientation?Part 2 How might you describe the culture of your organization based on its purpose and vision? Using your specific organization’s mission and vision statement, what strategies would you use to communicate this statement to your employees? How would you know that your employees are engaged with the mission and vision of the organization?How does a clear purpose and vision support leaders in achieving strategic change? USE THIS Reference: (See attached the chapters needed to answer the questions)Anderson, R. J., & Adams, W. A. (2016). Mastering leadership: An integrated framework for breakthrough performance and extraordinary business results. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc..