Advertising and Sales Promotion campaign Assignment

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Assignment Title: Advertising and Sales Promotion campaign for one André Balazs property

Faculty Responsible: Joe Di Donna

Program: BBA7 Semester: 2018.02

Course Name: Integrated Marketing Communications Course Number: MKT 5281

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Equivalent to 35% of final grade

Assessed Tasks (from Assignment Outline)Mark /100Weighting %Weighted total
Research/Theories about advertising and sales promotions     45     
Practical implementation of your advertising & sales promotion campaign     35     
Referencing     10     
Appropriate English     10     
Over 91%90% – 86%85% – 81%80% – 76%75% – 71%70% – 65%64% – 60%
Written workExceptionalDistinguished, extensive reading and authoritative grasp of conceptsGreater insight and originalitySound understanding of concepts with analysis, wide range of sources, structured workGreater analysis and insight with range of methodsAccurate with some analysisBasic Pass

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All grades are conditional until ratified by the Progression/ Awards Board.